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Facebook to launch new search function - "GRAPH SEARCH"

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Facebook to launch new search function - "GRAPH SEARCH"

Hot off the press and of course for the moment it is not yet released but on the 15th January, Mark Zuckerber (CEO Facebook) announced their new search product dubbed "Graph Search". This is something that has long been lacking from Facebook - any form of decent search engine.

A whole new approach to searching

With the features as described and the vast amounts of data held by Facebook this could turn the tables on how people actually go about searching for all sorts of things. I don't see this as an alternative to Google, Bing or Yahoo, but what it means as that people will have a different way to search for certain types of information in a new way. The implication on business and marketing strategies is of course what is most interest to us.

What Graph Search will offer is a new to search through your connections, as well as the total Facebook ecosystem. The search engine gathers data from all Facebook profiles, pages, and information, to bring you results. This is aimed directly at the issue we have all faced in the digital marketing arena - how to capitalise on the ever growing social connections that have gathered data on Facebook profiles, pages and a whole range of other information and then to search through all that data.

For instance, with Graph Search you can find results for "restaurants liked by my friends" or "restaurants in Brisbane my friends have been to", "Music my friends like"... do you recognise the power of such a search engine. 

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Everything you put on Facebook becomes more accessible

Not only are marketers getting excited about this but already many are raising questions about invasion of privacy. The amount of data being leveraged is huge – Facebook has one billion members and even more connections between users. Along with photos, business pages and check-ins, Facebook is sitting on a gold mine of data that, until now, hasn't been easily searchable. Of course much of this information is extremely personal.

The implications are 2 fold - be very aware of what your permissions are along what information you post to Facebook and secondly, make sure your Facebook content is up to date. You will also need to make sure that you are active and have good information (this obviously applies more to those with business pages.

The implications for business

For businesses you need to recognise that the new Graph Search product will also cover business pages. This means that not only is your company page included but also your Facebook Places accounts.

Only lat month Facebook announced a feature enabling users to place reviews of businesses on their Facebook Places pages. With the new search product not only including those reviews but how many "likes" you business page has received - it also looks at how often you have logged in.

What does this mean? Simple - the more people are liking your page, leaving you positive reviews and checking in, the higher your business will appear in these search results. This is critical for Australian businesses to get their business pages up to scratch – people are now actively looking for pages to click on.

The businesses that show up most in these search results will be those that have content shared among friends, and activity happening all the time. That's the only way you're going to get seen.

Graph Search doesn't require businesses to do anything new. Instead, what you should be doing is to focus on what you should have been doing all along - creation of relevant content by way of content quality in comprehensive pages on Facebook that is seen as being useful to users.

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