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YouTube Video can be your most effective and cheapest marketing ever

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YouTube Video can be your most effective and cheapest marketing ever

YouTube for low cost effective marketingSo many business completely overlook the power of YouTube as a marketing vehicle and the best news if that for small and medium businesses this can be a very cheap form of online promotion and advertising. We stumbled across this video from Billy Kirkley which, whilst a lot more professional than you might produce, so simply explains the whys and hows. You don't need all the professional production techniques used in commercial advertising. Why? Because what you are producing is answers to customer questions. Billy explains what this really is all about so I suggest you watch this video.

s you can see there are immense possibilities and even if you don't have the skills to produce something quite as good as Billey's you will be amazed at what you can achieve yourself. If you really want, spend a little money engaging a media/film student to help you out. For instance the technique Billy uses for his backdrop requires under $100 to set up - all the materials can be obtained from Spotlight and Bunnings.

If yu would like to know more about this or any number of other forms of relatively low cost internet marketing then by all means talk to us at Top Left Designs

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