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As a new owner wishing to promote his business under its new name and looking to penetrate a wider market, John was keen to put a website in place so as to attract new customers and make the process of deciding on vehicle services easier

Industry: General-Business

Site features: eCommerce,Bookings/Events,Blog,Web Apps

Project Description:

Functionality features included in the solution: eCommerce,Bookings/Events,Blog,Web Apps

The owner of the business was setting out to get his new business on the right foot straight form the beginning and he realised that having a website was important to his business.

The driving purpose for John was to be transparent with his customers and to offer something that helped them get better value and a better understanding of what was being done to their vehicles whilst at the same time creating a simple process that allowed his customers to select the type of services they wished to have done on their car and to then book their car in at a time that suited them best.

John realsied that if he wished to be professional in his customer service then his website needed to be a reflection of that. This is John's first foray into having a website so it is early days but after a while he is intending to further explore how he can make better use of his web presence to obtain more customers and have his existing customers return for more work to be done. His website is just part of that journey.

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