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Site features: eMail Mktg,eCommerce,Forum,Blog,Secure Zones

Project Description:

Functionality features included in the solution: eMail Mktg,eCommerce,Forum,Blog,Secure Zones

Shoebooks has been a labour of love - a project commenced a long time ago but not atypical of many small businesses. Finding the time to get it just the way you want is not easy and then you are faced with the ordeal of writing the content. Between us however we have put together a web site that is such a far cry from what Shoebooks had for many years - a job well overdue but well timed with the release of the forthcoming new version of their Australian bookkeeping solution for small and medium businesses.

The new web site has taken Shoebooks to a new dimension in client relationship and marketing. The challenge lay in how to make the site interesting and of real value to clients and potential clients. The challenge also lay in how to make reading about an accounting solution for Australian businesses interesting and relevant.

The end result is a site that immediately attracted your attention and offered clear content enabling visitors to readily understand what the Shoebooks Bookkeeping system was about, what it offered business owners and how its simplicity would make managing business accounts a simple activity.

The site offers free membership with the ability to run a fully functional version of the web based accounting solution - try before you buy - a clear winning strategy. Members and non-members can also subscribe to receive a regular newsletter that will be sent out containing business tips, bookkeeping advice and news on system features and software updates.

Clients are provided access to an exclusive area from where they will be provided access to more in-depth articles as well as a new Customer Service Ticketing facility for logging any problems they are experiencing.

Also of interest to all is a forum where members and clients can post comments and questions and share these with others for answers or further commentary.

Another example of a Business Catalyst solution for business