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Establishing your credibility by building solid endorsements that link to your website!

Off-Page SEO - Peer Endorsement Since Google arrived on the scene with their patented system of ranking by peer endorsement (determining a website's importance by counting the number of links to it from other websites), link building has become a huge industry with tens of thousands of people churning out millions of links from all kinds of websites giving false hope to their paying customers.

In the beginning it was so easy to cheat with the use of automated link building software and “link farms”. However, Google has over the years implemented some very sophisticated algorithms to detect these manufactured 'endorsements' and discard them and in fact now considers such practices as “black hat” techniques and will penalise your site with removal from its index altogether if it believes you have employed such practices. There are also now situations where link building campaigns provided by some produce nothing but rubbish links. The result of this is that most of the link building carried out today is completely useless. The best you can hope for is that it is not detrimental to your website's online reputation.

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You need to be mindful of this when considering your own requirements so be very careful about cheap SEO services and people who claim they will get you a high SEO rank very quickly. Even if it works, chances are they are cheating the system and your site will be caught on the next Google algorithm upgrade and you could be worse off than you are now.

Through our SEO alliance partners and developers we employ a proprietary system that ensures you get quality, genuine online endorsements. We have Australian management with a large team based in the Philippines, which gives us the manpower to seek out the best partners for your online marketing and handle all approaches through the system. We write quality reviews of your company and product or service and make sure those reviews are placed on the right parts of the internet to effectively promote you.

We utilise the power of social media to further encourage peer endorsement for your website. We do not attempt to cheat you up the Google ladder, but rather build solid, online endorsement and credibility for your corporation and your website.

Utilising such best practice SEO systems and processes, this is Search Engine Optimisation that will, as it should, withstand the test of time!