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Design is the heart of your web solution. The degree to which you need to design your solution will depend on the complexity and scope of the solution you seek. The simpler the solution the simpler the design.

It is important to understand the differences between web content design and a solutions design. This is like the difference between an interior designer and an architect. You just wouldn't get an interior designer to design your house.

The Role of Web Design

The web architect’s role is to construct and implement the technical design for the business' presence on the internet as much as we also work with designing the overall look and feel to your web presence. In designing your online business solution, we address aspects such as the selection of Web applications’ hardware and software platforms, developing site navigation, and designing an application business framework and the overall branding and graphic appeal of your site.

The web architect is also responsible for ascertaining system volume and analysing traffic patterns. Exceptional knowledge of various Web technologies and business principals are required. 

Web Design Outcomes

As designers of web solutions we set out to achieve:

  • Understanding with our clients of what they expect from their website, what is its purpose and how will it support the business to achieve identifiable outcomes
  • What information needs to be processed, collected and shared
  • What other systems will your site need to integrate with
  • How will the website fit within your current business processes
  • If there are eCommerce requirements how will this fit into your business
  • Who are all the stakeholders (customers, staff, suppliers, partners) who need to be accounted for
  • How should the marketing of your website be driven - do you have a marketing plan in place
  • Does the website support your other business initiatives and how can it best work in with them
  • What impact will it have on your business - what changes will need to be made
  • What is the functionality that needs to be addressed
  • Who is your market audience and how to best address that market
  • What technologies and best of breed practices exist to support your objectives
  • Designing a solution to address future needs
  • Designing a solution that compliments your business, enhances your market position and adds value to all stakeholders