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When Top Left Designs commenced operations in 2008 we made a deliberate decision that we would only deliver solutions to clients that conformed to a set critera:

  • the web development platform must be CMS based
  • A broad user base must exist and strong support from a stable and innovative organisation
  • the CMS platform must provide our clients with the greatest flexibility reasonably possible 
  • our overheads for managing support of that product are to be kept to a minimum so as to keep client support costs as low as possible and to ensure simple support infrastructure
  • the product must have evidence of a strong upgrade path
  • the development platform should not exclude the more skilled clients from making changes to site content, structure and design should they so wish
  • we needed a solution that allowed us to make relatively comprehensive changes rapidly to clients' sites with minimal technical skills

In order to provide a reasonable choice of solutions for our clients, our CMS development is delivered form 2 platforms - Adobe Business Catalyst and 60 SECONDS each offering distinct advantages. Our core development platform is however, Business Catalyst.

Both platforms provide fully featured integrated web solutions bringing together web and content marketing within the one solution as well as the standard features sought with fully compliant eCommerce solutions.

Adobe Business Catalyst

In 2008 we settled on what was then an Australian product which very soon after was acquired by Adobe Systems Inc. We have never looked back and have continued to be impressed with the strength of Business Catalyst.

Having worked with a number of otehr web development CMS platforms, both propietory and open source, we fund that Business Catalyst is unrivalled in its beadth of features, the ability to modify code (HTML and CSS) and the versatility of how system modules can be implemented to offer a wide range of solutions.

Business Catalyst provides us with the opportunity to rapidly deliver robust real world web solutions that can be readily adapted to changing client needs with minimal downtime and cost to our clients. Business Catalyst enables us to focus on the broader need to meet the business' objectives as well as the tools to maximise the marketing opportunities for our clients.

Features Overview


This CMS offers a simpler solution to clients not looking for a CMS platform that is quite as feature rich as our core CMS. This CMS does however provide a simple to implement and even easier user interface that distances the client from any need to understand styling of their content.

With the advances made by the owners of 60 Seconds we now are able to offer a truely Dynamic Responsive CMS platform- One website for all devices and the ability for you to choose which content displays on smaller mobile devices! It is a fully integrated CMS/CRM/Lead automation/email marketing system, with powerful ecommerce features - all in one, easy to use interface!

60 SECONDS allows us to offer solutions to those clients that have users with a lower level of web editing skill and need an easy to use editor for managing their content.

Features Overview

Implementation Approach

We take the approach of ensuring that clients have no surprises with the delivery of their solutions. Each fixed price proposal includes a detailed requirements definition confirming exactly what will be delivered. Solutions are delivered with key milestones agreed to before proceeding and taged payments are only made at completion of those key milestones.

Our implementation services ensure that you are not left alone. We work with you from concept to final "Go Live" ensuring that every aspect of your web solution is ready to work for your business.

Aspects we cover under project implementation are:

  • Setting your project timelines and milestones
  • Preparing your data for importing from Excel CSV files
  • Set up of email campaigns and mail lists
  • Customised Web Forms and Austoresponders
  • Collection and collation of all static page content
  • eCommerce processes and Merchant ID's obtained as required
  • System test acceptance
  • System configuration settings confirmed for Go Live
  • Final Acceptance and Go Live authorisation
  • Submittion of your site to search engines and setup of Analytics