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Placing Facebook comments on your web site that update your Facebook page

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Placing Facebook comments on your web site that update your Facebook page

As ever Facebook are changing the landscape and working to integrate Facebook into every aspect of our lives. One very new and interesting feature is how to place a Facebook comment facility within any page on your web site BUT at the same time these very comments show up on your Facebook page as well.

Now my first reaction was probably like you... I don't want a whole stream of personal and meaningless comments showing on my web site that have nothing to to do with my business. Well this is where it is smart. The comments on your own web site are only those posted initially on your site and the subsequent thread of messages.

The person posting the comment can also determine whether they wish to post to Facebook.

An interesting tool and like all of these, if used carefully and as part of an overall strategy, then some good value can be derived.

To see a simple example of this in action view the comments at the bottom our own 'Article Librrary' page.

If you would like to use this tool yourself and want to know how simply read the article Comments Box is a social plugin

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